How hot are your sauces?

We have three varieties of hot sauce:

Our hottest sauce and best seller that has a strong enough kick for any chilli lover and masses of flavour.

Mum's Mango
A sweeter sauce with fresh and pureed mango that still has a good chilli kick.

Smokin' Sister
The mildest of the three sauces that has a gentle heat with masses of flavour.

Are the sauces gluten, dairy or vegan free?

All of the sauces are made free from gluten, dairy and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. However there may be small traces of gluten and dairy.

How long do the sauces keep for?

The sauces are home preserved in the bottle, so once opened will last for a minimum of three months and will need to be kept in the fridge. The sauces may vary in consistency and some separation is natural.

If I want to order multiple bottles or a custom order
can I get in touch?

Of course, please do contact us on baj@bajsblazin.com and we would be more than happy to assist.